Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell

King Top International Geocell is reinforced by high intensity HDPE broadband, after the powerful welding face to become a reticular lattice room structure.

Product Details

Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell


1.       The Product Description of Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell

King Top International Geocell is reinforced by high intensity HDPE broadband, after the powerful welding face to become a reticular lattice room structure. It retractile, transportation can shrink fold super to, when using, open and filling earth-rock, or concrete materials, constitute has strong lateral restrictions and taking degrees structures, it can be used as a cushion, dealing with weak foundation bearing capacity, also can be laid on slope surface slope protection structure constitute, still can be used to build retaining structures, etc.


2.       The Specification of Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell


Polymer Density

High Density Polyethylene with density of   0.935 - 0.965 g/cm3 

ASTM D 1505

Environmental Stress Crack Resistance

> 4000 hours

ASTM D 1693

Carbon Black Content

Carbon black content 1.5% -   2.0%             

ASTM D   1603                                               

Sheet Thickness

Smooth:1.1mm,1.2mm,textured:1.5mm  ,1.7mm    

ASTM D 5199                           

Cell Details

welding   distance: 330-1000mm

Cell Depth


Seam Peel Strength

As per US Army Corps of Engineer's Report GL-86-19   Appendix A

Seam Hang Strength

A 100mm wide seam sample supports a 72.5 kg load for a   minimum of 30 days in an ambient room temperature environment.




Item No.


Weld distance

Thickness of the Sheet

Tensile Strength of Welding Points

Tensile Strength of Connection of Cells

Tensile Strength at Yield of Each Sheet




































3.       The Product Features of Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell


·         It is flexible to fold during the transport and installation on construction site. The geocell nets will be filled with soils, granular, cements or other on-site infill materials when stretched into web structures, which has powerful and rigid confinement in the lateral and vertical sides.

·         Material is qualitative light, wear resistance, chemical stability, light oxygen aging resistance, resistance to acid and alkali; suitable for different soil and soil conditions, such as desert. 

·         Higher lateral restrict and prevent slippery, prevent deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and scattered loads.

·         Change the large room height, welding such as geometrical size can meet different engineering needs

·         Retractile, transport of small size; Connection is convenient, fast construction speed.


4.       The Product Application of Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell


·         Firm for the railway roadbed

In order to prevent gravel gradation lateral movement is stronger as a whole to prevent the pumping, even if the soft ground can prevent the collapse of the whole or in part, the large volume of traffic in areas such as the Cross Road, bifurcation Road and turn, can significantly increase the use of Number of years.

·         For a solid roadbed

Can generate high power and flexibility of both traditional and rock embankment on the basis compared to the basis of thickness can be reduced more than 50% of the gravity and contact with the pressure and reduce the horizontal dispersion and can be used when the account or on a permanent road construction.

·         Used to bear the gravity of the dam wall

Strengthen the definition of gravel to form the structure of the body has to stop cross-cutting pressure, no matter slide and pool formation, can itself be supported by non-structural surface layer and the natural plant, or a vertical ladder-type design.

·         Shallow water for river training

Three-direction grid to enhance the strength of avoid filling soil erosion and increase the load, can reduce the cost of construction of the shallow river and allow river traffic with the design and a variety of soil conditions.

·         Support for the pipeline and sewer

To use a more solid foundation for the pipeline, the construction is simple, reducing the excavation, do not have to lay many rocks and avoid part landslide in the long run.

·         Used to prevent landslides and heavy-duty force by the retaining wall mixed

Do not have to use the template structure can create a solid wall, and backfill side firmly into the price of one, even if the traditional structure of a variety of gravity is not available, fill materials can also significantly reduce the cost of the project.

·         Independence for the strong terminals, such as dams room

Can be quickly wall structure independent from the independent wall, and the use of water in the granular to protect dam, or weir wall, if temporary facilities are to be removed also Geocell back at the pier or breakwater and other important coastal Also use a wide range.


5.       The Packaging & Shipping of Textured HDPE Perforated Geocell




DELIVERY Time: Sample process normally take 5 - 7 workdays, mass order normally take 15-25 days, 

1) Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer and our headquarter is in Qingdao Kingtop International.


2) Where is your factory located? 

Our factory locates at Taian City, Shandong Province. You can fly to Jinan International Air Port, and we will pick you up. Welcome to visit us!


3) Can you accept small testing order?

Yeah we can accept, Please feel free to contact us for testing order. 


4) Can you do OEM and ODM?

Sure.  There are technology of Silk printing, Sublimation, Embroidery, Rubber patch, etc. to create the logo. Please send your logo to us, we will suggest the best way. 

For ODM, we have experienced designers can help you to get your excellent ideas into mass production for your market. 


5) What is the sample rule?

For stock item, you just need to pay the freight cost, but for ordered item, you need to pay the related process cost and freight cost. Ordered sample's lead time is 5-7days after payment. Sample charge will be refunded on identified quantity of mass orders.


6) What's the payment term?

30% in advance, 70% balance after B/L.


7) How many payment options can I have?

T/T, L/C at sight.


8) Can you arrange logistic service for me?

Yes, we have our logistic company and we sign agreements with shipping company. We can let you enjoy the best Dr to Dr service.


9) Why choose KingTop?

KingTop can ensure to provide the products with high quality and reasonable price to you. Quality assurance and excellent customer service support will make sure you don't worry about after sale service during your business work in your market.

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