To Be Comfortable, Smooth And Large Capacity
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Food bags should be seen to be comfortable and smooth. The fabric surface of the woven bag must not contain complex quality problems such as film opening, lack of film, delamination, air bubbles, and hard blocks, and stitches can not be removed, broken, or not sewed. Etc.; and the fabric of the woven bag cannot have more than three broken wires or two layers of woven together in the same place. As a whole, the woven bag should be clean and the printing should be clear and firm.

In fact, before we buy woven bags, we should understand these characteristics of high-quality woven bags so that we can select quality products at the time of selection. Sewing force at the end of seams and edges, sharpness of printing ink, accuracy of layout position, suture stitches, needle spacing, and stitching and thread breaking, etc. Then, the production process of plastic woven bags is that woven fabrics are printed, cut, and sewn into woven bags. Depending on the equipment used, it can be cut before printing or it can be cut after printing.

The bag includes a front face, a back face, a left side, and a right side. It also includes a bottom surface that is formed by the front, back, left, and right extensions. The bag is sealed with a complete flat surface, forming the front, back, left and right sides. The seal is located between the front and the left. There is a horizontal fold line between each side of the bag and the respective extension, and there is a vertical fold line in the middle of the left and right sides.

Because the printing performance of the paper is good, the graphic characters can be printed according to the user's request. The valve paper bag made of this paper is very convenient and rapid in the filling process of the flour, the filling speed can be increased by 3 times, and there is no dust flying to improve the working environment. In addition, because the paper bag is rectangular after filling, it is easy to palletize and is not suitable for sliding.