The Longer The Flowering Period, The Higher The Ornamental Value
- Apr 26, 2018 -

1. Perennials have a long green or green period for longer viewing and utilization.

2. With beautiful flowers or fruits, and the longer the flowering period, the higher the ornamental value.

3. With unique plant type, leaf shape, leaf color and seasonal changes in leaf color, giving a colorful feeling.

4. Has a good or good plasticity, so you can take full advantage of the special environmental modeling.

5. The plants are relatively low. In the garden configuration, the height of the plant depends on the needs of the environment. Artificial height can be controlled by pruning, and artificial shaping can also be performed.

6. With a wide range of adaptability and strong resistance to resistance, extensive management, can adapt to a more harsh natural environment.

7. Has a well-developed root system, which is conducive to maintaining water and soil and improving the ability of roots to absorb water and nutrients in the soil, or has a variety of metamorphosed underground organs, such as bulbs, underground rhizomes, etc., to facilitate storage of nutrients and preserve vegetative propagules. Strong natural regeneration ability.

8. Has a strong or special function of purifying air, such as some plants absorb sulfur dioxide and have a strong ability to purify air, and some have good sound insulation and reduce noise effects.

9. It has certain economic value. For example, it can be used as medicinal, edible or spice raw materials, aromatic oils can be extracted, etc. to facilitate the combination of the ecological and economic benefits of the established ground cover plants if necessary or possible.

10. It has certain scientific value, mainly including two aspects. First, it is conducive to the popularization and promotion of botany and related knowledge. The second is the combination of artificial protection of rare plants and special germplasm resources. Not all of the above characteristics are required to be possessed by plants, but only certain characteristics of them. At the same time, in the garden configuration, we must be good at observation and selection, make full use of these characteristics, and combine the actual needs of organic combinations to achieve the desired results.