The First Plenary Session Of The Intelligent Manufacturing Think Tank For Petroleum And Chemical Industries Was Held In Beijing
- Sep 25, 2018 -

       The first plenary meeting of the petroleum and chemical intelligent manufacturing think tank was held in Beijing on sept 19.This is the first national intelligent manufacturing expert organization for the petroleum and chemical industry, consisting of 74 experts from the domestic petroleum and chemical industry.The conference adopted the working procedures of the think tank, elected the members of the organization of the first think tank committee, and adopted the annual work plan of the think tank.Experts at the meeting agreed that the establishment of the think tank comes at a critical time when the country is vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing.The think tank will give full play to the guiding and leading role of experts in the development of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, offer advice to the government, control the direction of the industry, provide consulting services to enterprises, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in the industry to a higher stage.

        The business department heads of the ministry of industry and information technology and the petrochemical federation will attend the meeting to congratulate.
Meeting election de-fang li, director of the China petrochemical group company informatization management as the first think-tank, director of the committee member, China petroleum and chemical industry association deputy secretary-general, Chinese chemical wei, director of the center for economic and technological development is a new information, China petroleum and chemical industry association and the marketing director of wish Fang department, China national offshore oil corporation informatization Wang Tongliang, sinochem energy co., LTD., general manager of chief information officer, Mr. Hu, China coal MengDaXin energy chemical industry co., LTD., general manager of dicky served as deputy director of the committee, China's chemical industry economic and technology development center, deputy party secretary gao as secretary-general.
         Have learned, in order to further enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing industry development, give full play to the industry of intelligent manufacturing expert resource advantage, better serve the government, industries and enterprises, the formation of intelligent manufacturing industry overall propulsion system, the China petroleum and chemical industry federation guidance support, China's chemical industry economic and technical development center on July 6, 2018, sponsored by oil and chemical intelligent manufacturing, a think-tank.Its purpose is to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in petroleum and chemical industry, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, offer advice and advice for government intelligent manufacturing, guide the development of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, and provide consulting services for the application of intelligent manufacturing in enterprises.
         The scope of work of the think tank includes: first, conducting investigation and research, participating in the formulation of intelligent manufacturing policies and guiding opinions of government departments;Second, the general development plan of intelligent manufacturing in the industry and relevant standards are studied to guide enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing construction;Third, organize and promote the application research and promotion of new generation information technologies in the industry, such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing;Fourth, participate in the research and demonstration of major intelligent manufacturing projects of the industry and intelligent manufacturing projects of enterprises, and provide intelligent manufacturing consulting services by using expert resources;Fifth, to undertake the research, consultation, evaluation, review and acceptance of intelligent manufacturing projects commissioned by the government, relevant departments and enterprises and institutions;Sixth, organize the research and promotion of intelligent manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises;7. Participate in the research and promotion of intelligent manufacturing in the chemical industrial park;The eighth is to organize the training of professional technology and management personnel of intelligent manufacturing, and carry out technical lectures, academic seminars and international cooperation and exchanges;Nine is other work.
          The meeting also confirmed the priorities of the annual work of the think tanks.Second, we will deepen intelligent manufacturing consulting and special services for petroleum and chemical enterprises.Third, we should give play to the role of bridge and link between the government, industry organizations and enterprises, and actively complete various tasks entrusted by the government and the federation.