Isolated From The Air, Preventing Moisture Absorption
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Industrial filter cloth must be in a sealed place to isolate air and prevent moisture absorption. Isocyanate and combination polyether drums should not be exposed to the sun, must be kept away from heat, placed in a cool dry place, the bucket should not be filled with water if placed upright. If the whole barrel cannot be used up once, the lid must be tightly closed immediately after each use to prevent water vapor and impurities from entering the barrel and affecting the quality. If more than two grades are used to combine polyethers, the grades should be stacked and clearly marked. The combination of common flame retardant polyethers should not be stored for a long time and must be used on the same day of preparation, otherwise it will easily cause deterioration and affect the foaming quality. Measuring techniques for industrial filter cloths: First, prepare the materials and tools for the measurement of the filter cloth, the soft braided rope and the tape measure. Then let the belt filter press run normally and adjust the speed of the motor to the lowest speed. When the metal joint running to the filter belt of the filter press emerges, a long enough braided rope is tied to the metal joint of the filter cloth. Let the braided rope rotate with the filter cloth. Then the braided rope is marked when the braided rope rotates once with the filter belt, ie when the metal joint is present. This measures the length of one week of the braided rope around the filter cloth, which is the length of the filter cloth. Lastly, the same method measures the length of the other filter. During the measurement, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that during the operation of the braided rope with the filter cloth, the end of the hand holding the braided rope will slightly force the filter cloth when it runs, so that the braided rope will be tight, otherwise the measured length error will be relatively large. Ignore the length of the metal fittings. The metal fittings are counted in the length of the filter tape when measuring.