Good Flame Retardant, Solid And Durable, High Tensile Strength
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The flexible wind and dust suppression net adopts high-density polyethylene and high-density polypropylene as raw materials, and adds various chemical reagents to the raw materials and is made through a special process. The product has high fire safety coefficient, good flame retardancy, solid and durable, High tensile strength, good toughness and other characteristics. It can also effectively absorb solar ultraviolet light for urban landscaping. Due to the excellent quality of raw materials, the service life is longer under natural environment! The flexible wind and dust suppression net can be processed into different colors, and the appearance effect is better, and the technology is low in cost and easy to install. An investment, long-term benefit, basically do not need maintenance. Flexible wind and dust suppression nets have a wide range of applications. In agriculture, windbreak nets are used to provide micro-climate for crops; in areas where desertification is severe, they are used to reduce sand and stone accumulation; in environmental protection, windbreaks can reduce bulk materials. The fugitive during loading, unloading and stacking is especially suitable for open storage yards such as coal storage yards and ores.