Effectively Prevent Man-made Destructive Dismantling
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Barbed wire fence features

Barbed wire fences can also be called: wire fences, wall fences, and the like. It is drawn from the wire rod into finer wire (cold wire drawing), and then the wire is welded by a large welding machine (which is commonly known as wire mesh). Connected with a variety of different columns. Formed a beautiful, high protection barbed wire fence. Because of its excellent features, easy installation is widely used in the protection of highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons and other fields.

The barbed wire fence is treated with various appearances, which greatly enhances its product functions and has a longer service life. Appearance treatment is the main choice: galvanized, dipping, spray and other anti-corrosion treatment. The product has excellent anti-aging, anti-sun, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Its variety of goods, beautiful and generous, according to the deployment of color and local scene to achieve common. The safety function coefficient is high and the climbing ability is good. The galvanic anti-theft screw connection is adopted for the mesh connection method, which can effectively prevent the man-made destructive dismantling, and the horizontal four-fold bending reinforcing ribs, so that the mesh surface strength is obviously added.

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