Dust Cleaning, Can Provide Higher Ventilation
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The filter cloth is a filter medium made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Including metal mesh or strainer. Mainly used in air filtration and dust removal, dust collection powder, to purify the air, protect the environment, in the smelter, chemical plant, sugar, dyes, medicine, food and other industries.

Filter cloth, filter media made of natural or synthetic fibers. Commonly used materials are cotton, hemp, wool, silk, asbestos fibers, glass fibers and certain synthetic fibers. Examples include cotton canvas, twill and woolen woolen cloth. In a broad sense, the filter cloth also includes a metal mesh or a screen.

Synthetic fibers mainly include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, vinylon, etc. Among them, polyester and polypropylene are the most commonly used, and solid-liquid separation is the main component. Nylon is widely used in coal washing plants because of its excellent wear resistance.

Polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinylon, cotton and other materials of the filter cloth, screen, are widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, steel, construction, metallurgy, chemical, ceramics, cement, geology, minerals and other industries.

Special filter cloths are: aramid, PTFE, PVDF, etc., with high temperature.

Close to zero emissions, to achieve the most stringent environmental standards;

Clear ash, can provide higher ventilation, or reduce the pressure difference;

The life of the filter bag is prolonged, the number of cleanings is reduced, and the equipment maintenance cost is reduced;

For higher air-to-cloth ratio, smaller dust collectors can be designed to reduce the energy consumption when the pressure difference is reduced;

Dust bags can be roughly divided into three categories from the temperature, room temperature categories such as polyester needle felt bag anti-static dust bag, easy cleaning dust bag and so on. Medium temperature type such as polyester film-covered needle felt bag, three anti-dust cloth bag, water-repellent and oil-proof needle felt, high temperature type such as Meytas, dust cloth bag, flmez cloth bag, glass fiber needle punch felt filter bag, PPS acid and alkali resistant Cloth bags and so on. The choice of dust bag should be based on gas temperature, humidity and chemical properties, particle size, weight, shape, dust concentration filtration rate, cleaning methods, emission concentration and bag filter working conditions and other factors.

Under normal circumstances, the pulse jet bag type uses the needle felt as the dust collector, and the woven cloth is used for the chamber-reverse bag filter or the mechanical vibration bag filter. If the working conditions are high temperature, acid and alkali are needed, and moisture is available, high temperature categories such as Flumeths etc. are covered. There are many factors to consider when choosing a dust bag.