China's Industrial Geotechnical Building Materials Are Still Developing Rapidly In Twists And Turns
- Sep 18, 2018 -

    The office of the state flood control and drought relief headquarters officially announced on July 1 that China has entered the main flood season, with flood control and drought relief across the country entering a critical juncture, and flood control supplies entering a state of "imminent war" at the same time.

    Comparing with the flood control materials released by various places in previous years, it can be seen that woven bags, geotextiles, anti-filter materials, wooden piles, wire and diving pumps are still the main members of flood control materials.Different from previous years, geotextiles accounted for 45 percent of flood control materials this year, the highest in the past and the most important "new helper" in flood control and drought relief work.

     In fact, in addition to playing an important role in flood control, in recent years, geotextiles have been successfully applied in highway, railway, water conservancy, agriculture, bridge, port, environmental engineering, industrial energy and other projects with their excellent performance.Freedonia group, a prominent American marketing consultancy, predicts that global demand for geosynthetic materials will reach 5.2 billion square meters in 2017, given the strengthening global demand for roads, building quality and environmental protection, as well as the expansion of other application areas.In places like China, India and Russia, a lot of infrastructure is planned and will be built, coupled with the evolution of environmental regulations and building codes, these emerging markets are expected to see solid growth for some time to come, with demand growth in China expected to account for half of global demand.Developed countries also have growth potential.In North America, for example, growth is largely driven by new construction codes and environmental regulations, as is the case in Western Europe and Japan.

      According to the report from "Transparency Market Research", the global geotextile Market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 10.3% over the next four years, increasing to $600 million in 2018.In terms of quantity, the global demand for geotechnical textiles will increase to 3.398 billion square meters in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate will remain at 8.6% during the period. The development prospect is "great".