Avoid Affecting The Stability Of The Greenhouse Due To Small Details
- Apr 26, 2018 -

During the construction of the greenhouse, the contractor will generally determine the material of the skeleton of the greenhouse and related accessories with the builder in order to make an overall quotation for the greenhouse. From many years of experience in the construction of greenhouses, most of them now recommend builders to use steel frames, several types of steel, galvanized steel pipes, etc. as the skeleton of the greenhouse. Why do you want to do this, here we come together to understand the importance of the greenhouse structure to the greenhouse.

The skeleton of the greenhouse is the support structure of the greenhouse. A stable and strong greenhouse is inseparable from the strong skeleton of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is mainly composed of skeletons and shed membranes. It can be said that the skeleton of the greenhouse is responsible for the bearing capacity of the entire shed. The importance of the skeleton of the greenhouse is self-evident.

Greenhouse skeletons are usually composed of pillars, arches (arches), tie rods (longitudinal beams), pressure rods (pressurized membranes) and other components. These components play a very important role in the construction of greenhouses. It should be noted that In the daily use of greenhouses, it is necessary to regularly check and pay attention to whether or not these components have problems. Once problems arise, they should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid affecting the stability of greenhouses due to small details.