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- Apr 26, 2018 -

When you close it, you don't need to bother to fold it. Simply put it in a sleeping bag like a sleeping bag. If you want to save the volume, put a sleeping bag on the outside to compress the volume to a smaller size. (It looks very brutal?!) In this way, the good sleeping bag is changed from the original long tube into a ball, and it is better to arrange it in the backpack.

Another benefit of doing this is that random placement of each fold is random, and if it is only for the sake of beauty that it is stacked in order to receive the original tent bag, then each folded position is Fixed, a long time this part is easy to first aging. After the tent is settled, the rest of the tent poles can be said to be more, and it is very easy to store it vertically in a backpack or outside on a backpack.

The rough tent bottom will scratch the hand when it is stuffed. It's better to fold the inner book and fold the flat pad on the sleeping bag in the backpack. It's not big; the tent pole puts the system into the backrest and it's not easy Loss; the external account is lightly placed on the surface of the backpack and can be waterproof. When it rains, it can be quickly drawn out as a poncho. If it is 225, it can be used to pull out the pole and install it as a canopy or a cooking hall. The bag can be used as a moisture-proof cushion cover, and the moisture-proof pad and the aluminum thin pad roll together are plunged into the inside of the backpack to be hanged, so that it is more reliable and saves some money.