Application Of Electronic Computer For Mechanization
- Apr 26, 2018 -

General store department stores, electronic equipment, food, rubber products, medicines, medical equipment, chemicals, stationery, instruments, etc. The ground floor should have a unloading loading site, and loading and unloading vehicles can enter directly. The vertical transport of goods generally uses 1.5 to 5 tons of freight elevators. Consideration should be given to the loading of carts or forklifts into the elevator car for faster loading and unloading. Multi-layer warehouses often use slides to unload cargo.

Slides mostly use reinforced concrete structure, terrazzo wax for surface layer; also can use metal skeleton, steel plate surface layer, but to prevent the steel plate from rust or stainless steel plate as surface layer. Multi-storey warehouses, such as unit loads greater than 500 kilograms, are available with beamless floor coverings. The warehouse is generally not whitewashed, and the paste can be used as a whitewasher; warehouses that store department stores, medicines, foods, and clothing should be painted to prevent insects in the seams. The storage and delivery of "three-dimensional warehouses" in multi-storey warehouses are implemented using computers and mechanized. This kind of warehouse has a small footprint and saves manpower, but the category of stored goods has a certain range.