Anti-static, Non-stick Dust
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Compared with conventional EVA membranes and PE membranes, po membranes are relatively expensive, but they have a comparative advantage as long as they include the following:

1, PO film has excellent transparency: the use of advanced olefinic raw materials, low haze, high transparency. In this morning, the light transmittance is high and the scattering rate is low, so that the temperature will increase rapidly in the morning.

2, PO film long life: the use of high-tech antioxidants and light stabilizers, greatly extending the life of the agricultural film, normal use can reach more than 3 years.

3, PO film has a strong continuous anti-mist, drip ability: the use of anti-fog drop coating drying treatment, can inhibit the generation of fog, mist dripping period can reach the synchronization with the life of the agricultural film.

4, PO film with anti-static, non-stick dust: the use of nano-technology, four-tier structure. Anti-static surface treatment. No precipitation, not easy to absorb dust, to achieve long-term high transmittance effect.