With weeding, warming, degradation, pest control
- Apr 26, 2018 -

At present, China has a complete range of agricultural film products and is the country with the highest level of thin film production in the world. It has a variety of single and multi-layer composite membranes with functions such as longevity, drip, heat preservation, and light conversion, as well as mulching films for functions such as weeding, temperature increase, degradation, and insect control. With the continuous progress of science and technology, a kind of agricultural film called PO film has emerged quietly and gradually has its own place in the field of agricultural film.

PO plastic film (referred to as PO film) is a kind of membrane for composite layer greenhouses. It was firstly a multi-layer produced by Japan using advanced olefinic raw materials (MLLDPE, EVA) and other additives, using external spray drying technology. High-grade, functional polyolefin new agricultural film. In recent years, China's agricultural film manufacturers have also begun to develop their own PO film with coating and anti-fog. The main raw material is metallocene linear polyethylene (MLLDPE). The most representative is Zibo Tianhe plastic gold sun PO film. And Liaocheng Huasu's mirror PO film. The PO film belongs to the nobility in the agricultural film, its price is higher than other agricultural film products, the market share is relatively small, but it has very broad market development prospects.

The PO film is superior to other functional films. (1) Excellent transparency: The use of metallocene linear polyethylene as raw material, low haze, high transparency, high light transmittance in the morning, low scattering rate, rapid heating. (2) Excellent continuous anti-fog and drip capability: The use of anti-fog and drip coating to dry the coating can suppress the generation of fog, and the anti-fog drop-off period can be synchronized with the service life of the agricultural film. (3) Long service life and superior tensile strength: The service life can reach more than 3 years. The raw materials are mainly metallocene, with superior tensile strength and tear strength.