Suggested Geotextile Applications by Application
- Aug 17, 2018 -

You can consider the type of application you will be using the geotextile fabric in. The chart below can help guide you.

Temporary Erosion ControlCoir
Permanent Erosion ControlWoven or Nonwoven
DrainageWoven or Nonwoven
Roadway SeparationWoven or Nonwoven
Roadway StabilizationWoven or Nonwoven
Geomembrane Liner ProtectionNonwoven
Gas VentingNonwoven
Landfill Leachate CollectionWoven or Nonwoven
Landfill Drainage SystemsNonwoven
Steepened SlopesWoven
Retaining WallsWoven
Embankments Over Soft SoilWoven
Lagoon ClosuresWoven