Stability and solid issues improved
- Apr 26, 2018 -

In the process of building a greenhouse, the only thing that cannot be lacked is the skeleton of the greenhouse. It can be said that it is the overall pillar of the greenhouse and plays an important role in the safety and stability of the greenhouse. From the initial bamboo rafts to the steel racks and galvanized pipes used today, it can be said that the quality has been upgraded step by step. From the use of these greenhouse skeletons, we can also understand that the hardness of the greenhouse skeleton is very important. It determines The stability of the greenhouse also makes the skeleton of the greenhouse more and more solid.

Take bamboo poles for example, its hardness is the worst, so it has been greatly restricted in the area and stability of greenhouse construction. After that, the greenhouse frame of cement and water column has also been greatly constrained, with the technology of greenhouses. Mature, the steel frame is applied to the greenhouse, so that the problem of stability and solidity of the greenhouse is improved. It is currently using a broader greenhouse frame.

Therefore, we can conclude that when building a greenhouse, the area of the greenhouse is closely related to the role of the skeleton of the greenhouse used. The higher the hardness of the greenhouse, the better the stability of the greenhouse.