Space-saving and easy to carry
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Of all the equipment that we need to carry out, the tent may be the largest and heaviest. How to place it is absolutely important.

Each tent will have a bag when it is sold. Many people are accustomed to picking up the tent. Not to mention that it is very troublesome to fold it in order. It is often the largest one of all our equipment, and the space for the backpack is limited. In addition to it it is also packed with sleeping bags and mats.

And what's even more troublesome is that many of the tent bags are long tubes. If you are using a smaller backpack, you may not be able to put them in. Put the tent outside the backpack? It seems to be a good way to save space, but it is not. This guy is easy to trouble you on the outside,

The tent is very heavy, and it is not easy to bundle up and hang outside the backpack. Unless it is like a brown bag, it is easy to hang on a tree branch if you need to drill a tree on the way. If you accidentally break it, it will be broken by the branches. You are bad. What should I do? The best way is to abandon the bondage that the design of the manufacturer gives you—discard the outer bag of the tent and use a large sleeping bag cover.