Six Types Of Geogrid Are Described In Detail
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Summary:  geogrid is a special geosynthetics material, has the unique reinforcement 

     effect, commonly used as the reinforcement material of reinforced soil structure or the 

      reinforcement material of composite material.


Form and classification

1、Geogrid according to different manufacturing methods, divided into stretch plastic 

     geogrid (one-way stretch plastic geogrid and two-way stretch plastic geogrid), 

     composite filter type geogrid, steel-plastic composite geogrid, high strength PP

     geotechnical belt warp knitting stick welding grille, glass fiber warp knitting geogrid 

     and the warp knitting polyester geogrid and so on five big classes.Among them:


#1 Plastic stretching geogrid: plastic geogrid with high density polyethylene (HDPE) or 

     polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material.It is divided into unidirectional plastic

     geogrids and bidirectional plastic geogrids.Standard GB/T 17689-2008.


#2 Anti-filter composite geogrid: the non-woven geotextiles and plastic stretching geogrid

     are formed into composite integral products through heat fusion composite technology.


#3 Steel-plastic composite geogrid: the reinforced core material is made of high strength 

     steel wire (or other fibers), which is coated with reinforced core material by polyethylene 

     (PE) melting and extrusion.


#4 Glass fiber geogrid: a kind of geogrid-composite material made of woven fabric with glass

     fiber as material.Execute standard GB/T 21825-2008.


#5 Warp knitted terylene geogrid: a planar network geogrid made of high-strength polyester

     terylene filament, woven into a grid fabric by longitudinal and latitudinal direction, and 

     coated with PVC or styrene rubber.Execute standard JT/T 480-2002.


#6 High-strength PP tape bonded grille: the product is made of polypropylene resin through 

     plasticizing extrusion, traction, hot air stretching, embossing device, cooling and shaping.

     According to the arrangement mode of longitudinal and transverse stiffening belts, it can 

     be divided into rectangular high-strength PP tape warp weaved geogrid and special 

     high-strength PP tape warp weaved geogrid.Execute standard JT/T 480-2002.


2、 Geogrid can be divided into: high density polyethylene unidirectional plastic stretching 

      geogrid, polypropylene unidirectional plastic stretching geogrid, polypropylene bidirectional

      stretching plastic geogrid, polyethylene + steel composite geogrid, polyester polyester warp

      knitting geogrid, glass fiber warp knitting geogrid.


3、Geogrid can be divided into supporting structure geogrid, embankment slope geogrid and

      foundation treatment geogrid.

#1 Geogrid for supporting structure: a geogrid for supporting structure of reinforced soil on 

     subgrade.Mainly USES the unidirectional stretching plastic geogrid.


#2 Geogrids on embankment slopes: the geogrids used for laminating embankment slopes and

     compacting to prevent shallow sliding.It mainly includes two - way stretch plastic geogrids 

     and two - way warp - knitting polyester geogrids.


#3 Foundation treatment geogrids: geogrids used in foundation treatment of bedding to coordinate

     stress and deformation.Mainly includes steel and plastic composite geotextiles.