Safeguarding food storage
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The food market for foodstuff bags is gradually being liberalized. During the price game between farmers and acquirers, farmers should make up the "market" lesson and learn to scientifically choose the timing for grain sales. First, there should be a reasonable expected price in mind. Accounts, how much investment per mu, how much output, what kind of price can earn a percentage, once you reach your psychological price, you can decisively shot. You don't have to follow suit, and you don't have to blindly compare prices. Because food is also a commodity, prices must fluctuate.

China Industry Insight Network data show that as corn prices continue to rise, the domestic supply of corn has been in a tight balance, and sometimes even the situation of grain rush, many farmers to change corn. However, with the increase in planting area and corn harvest, the post-listing price of corn in the autumn of 2012 continued to decline, and the purchase and sales were not booming. Since the spring of 2013, there have been problems of selling grain in many places in the Northeast.

Many food giants have had lower corn prices since the previous year, and many people want to wait until the high prices are sold again in the future. The reality is that the market price of corn is getting lower and lower. In the spring, corn that should have been sold earlier in the year is still piled up in houses and yards. In the face of rising temperatures and the risk of corn mold disease, many companies have low willingness to purchase. Under the condition of falling maize prices, the State launched the temporary reserve acquisition, but many farmers find it difficult to enjoy the purchase of the State Reserve Bank. Affordable, grain sellers took advantage of the pressure level, corn sales fell to 1.3 yuan / kg.

At the same time as the price declines, the cost continues to rise. According to the survey data, the corn planting cost increased by approximately 16% year-on-year, and the revenue per ton decreased by 165 yuan over the previous year. The sharp decline in the price of corn caused the price of corn in some regions to fall below the reserve market price. In this regard, China's grain reserves said it will increase its efforts to collect and store in the northeastern region;

The moisture content of grain after harvest is of great importance both for its commercial use and for its species use. The ideal grain moisture content is to dry the grain to the point where the grain growth of the stored grain grows near the critical point. Under this moisture condition, the grain storage safety can be guaranteed, and the freshness and food quality of the grain can be maintained to the utmost, and the maximum food quality can also be maximized. Maintain the germination rate and seeds of food

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