Rugged, non-corrosive, UV resistant
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The barbed wire device is simple and convenient. Generally, the steel wire mesh can be used in the construction industry as Shule Shelter and Spacer Networks. It is an ideal material for new high-rise building.

Barbed wire types are: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire mesh, galvanized steel wire mesh, coated steel wire mesh, with mesh screen. Such as machine guards, animal husbandry fences, flower and wood fences, window guards, access fences, poultry cages, egg baskets, home office food baskets, paper baskets, and renovations.

Barbed Wire Uses: Wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, breeding, construction, transportation, mining and other aspects.

Barbed wire benefits: strong welding, uniform mesh, flat mesh, corrosion resistance, high strength, and strong protection.

Barbed wire material: low carbon steel wire, electroplated zinc wire, electroplated zinc wire change.

Barbed wire goods features: durable, non-corrosive, anti-ultraviolet radiation, no pollution, no deformation, beautiful appearance, glorious bright, smooth lubrication.

The impregnated wire mesh is made of excellent low-carbon cold drawn steel wire, cold-formed steel, straight-joint steel pipe, high-viscosity PE or PVC thermal engineering powder, and proprietary adhesives. It has been selected from professional automated assembly lines for the first welding process. Galvanized and then with high adhesion PE dip or polyester electrostatic spraying, single layer dipping and other anti-corrosion treatment technology.

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