Guaranteed stability before and after filtration
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The core role of filtration is to separate the gas-solid and liquid-solid mixtures one after another. Filter cloth is a key part of industrial filtration and separation equipment, and its industrial performance varies greatly, which directly determines the separation and filtration effect of various industries. For industrial filter cloth, the wear of the material itself and the medium of the filtrate have a great influence on the corrosion ability of the industrial filter cloth. Its main performances are:

1. Industrial filter cloths have better trapping effect on the impurities in the filtrate, and the filtration capacity must be satisfied.

2. The service life should be as long as possible, filter aperture is suitable, and the filtration speed is stable;

3. Industrial filter cloth before and after filtration to ensure a certain degree of stability. Industrial filter cloth is an important part of the indispensable processes in the petrochemical, ceramic, pharmaceutical, steel, sugar, cement, metallurgy, and food industries, as well as environmental protection, sewage and sewage discharge in the above industries and enterprises. Product purification and impurity removal are important methods with significant effects and wide applications.