Can store a lot of stuff
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Suitable for the storage of metal materials, construction materials, ore, machinery products, vehicles, oils, chemical raw materials, wood and their products. Water wharf warehouses, railway transport warehouses, and air transport warehouses use single-story buildings to speed up the loading and unloading process. The general plane design of a single-story warehouse requires roads to pass through, and the loaded cars and forklifts can enter and leave the warehouse directly. This kind of warehouse generally uses prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. The column nets are generally 6 meters and the span is 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, 24 meters, 30 meters and 36 meters. Warehouses with large ground-loading loads should have a large span. The lifting capacity of a crane in a warehouse is determined based on the maximum weight of a single piece of stored cargo. Available single-beam cranes or monorail hoists weighing less than 5 tons and bridge cranes larger than 5 tons. Warehouse requires moisture protection. For storage of flammable materials, a flexible floor should be used to prevent sparking. Roofs and walls should not seep or leak.

1, stereo warehouses are generally higher. Its height is generally more than 5 meters, up to 40 meters, the common three-dimensional warehouse between 7 to 25 meters.

2. The three-dimensional warehouse must be a mechanized warehouse. As the shelf is more than 5 meters, it has been difficult for humans to carry out the loading and unloading operations on the shelves, and it is therefore necessary to rely on machinery for operations. The automated warehouse in the three-dimensional warehouse is the current high level of technology.

3, multi-storey shelves equipped with multi-storey. Because of the high shelf, it is also called a high-rise shelf warehouse.