Can absorb dust, clean air, reduce noise
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Ground cover plants are those dense and low-density plants that can be used as a substitute for lawn covering on the ground surface to prevent water and soil loss, can absorb dust, purify air, reduce noise, eliminate pollution, and have certain ornamental and economic value. plant. It includes not only perennial herbaceous plants but also some adaptable low-lying, shrub-type shrubs and vines.Ground cover plants refer to certain perennial herbs and low bushes that have certain ornamental value and are laid on a large area of bare ground or sloping land, or suitable for various environmental cover grounds such as undergrowth and forest gap grounds. , bushes densely or crouching or semi-hermites shrubs and vines.

Turfgrasses are the most well-known ground cover plants, and are generally classified as a separate species. In the definition of ground cover, the term "low" is used, and low is a vague concept. Therefore, some scholars have set the height standard of the ground cover to 1m, and believe that some plants have a height of more than 1m under natural growth conditions, but they have the characteristics of resistance to pruning or slow growth at the seedling stage. Through human intervention, The height can be controlled below 1m, also considered as ground cover. Foreign scholars will be highly calibrated as "From less than an inch to about 4 feet", that is, from 2.5cm to 1.2m.