Application of Continuous Filament Geotextiles in Rainwater Drainage System Reconstruction Project
- Sep 28, 2018 -

      In recent years, continuous filament geotextiles have played an increasingly important 

role in “Urban Eponge Engineering”.

      This geotextiles, also known as polyester filament acupuncture woven geotextiles, are 

environmentally friendly building materials without chemical additives or heat treatment.

It can solve the basic problems in engineering construction more economically, effectively 

and persistently.

       The thickness of the filament geotextiles ensures the three-dimensional porosity of 

geotextiles, which is beneficial to the realization of excellent hydraulic properties.The bursting 

strength of filament geotextiles has a great advantage.The indexes of geotextiles all exceed 

the national standards and are one of the excellent geotextile reinforcement materials.

       In the construction of emerging sponge city, geosynthetic materials such as filament 

geotextiles should play the functions of infiltration and reverse filtration to ensure the effective 

infiltration of rainwater into soil and minimize the amount of rainfall discharged into the piping 

system.Geosynthetic materials such as filament geotextiles should be able to exert the function 

of water storage and water purification, so as to ensure that rainwater can be effectively retained 

as far as possible, and work together with sand and stone to purify water quality and effectively 

store rainwater.There are good hydraulic conditions and reverse filtration conditions, which 

ensure not to clog and achieve the goal of comprehensive utilization of rainwater.

        Filament geotextiles have good mechanical function, good permeability, corrosion resistance, 

aging resistance, isolation, backfiltration, drainage, protection, stability, reinforcement and other 

functions, can adapt to the uneven base, can resist the destruction of construction external forces, 

creep smaller, long-term load can still maintain the original function.And filament geotextile has 

a very high uv resistance and strong resistance to high temperature, high temperature of 230 ℃, 

high temperature remains complete structure and physical properties of the original, filament 

geotextile is thicker and needle shape, good surface drainage and vertical drainage, still can 

maintain the performance after so many years.