Absorb ultraviolet light from the sun
- Apr 26, 2018 -

1. Anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) The surface of the product has been sprayed and treated, which can absorb the ultraviolet rays in sunlight and reduce the oxidation rate of the material itself, so that the product has better anti-aging properties and the service life is improved. At the same time, the ultraviolet light transmittance is low, which avoids the damage of sunlight.

2, flame retardant Because it is a metal plate so it has a good flame retardant, can meet the requirements of fire and safety production.

3, impact strength of the product is high, can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). In the impact strength test, in the upper part of the sample, a steel ball with a mass of 1 kg was dropped freely at a height of 1.5 meters from the apex of the peak, and there was no breakage and perforation of the product.

4. The surface of anti-static products is treated with electrostatic spray. After being exposed to sunlight, organic dirt attached to the surface of the product can be oxidized and decomposed. In addition, the ultra-hydrophilicity makes the dust easily washed by rain, and it is self-cleaning. Effect, no maintenance costs.

The purpose of wind and dust suppression nets is mainly used for wind and dust suppression in coal storage plants of coal mines, coking plants, power plants and other enterprise factories; ports, terminal coal storage plants and various stockyards; iron and steel, building materials, cement, etc. Field dust suppression; crops wind, desertification, dust and other harsh environment; railway, highway coal storage station coal storage sites, construction sites, road dust, both sides of the highway. The dust suppression effect of single-layer wind and dust suppression walls can reach 65 to 85%, and the effect of double-layer wind and dust suppression walls can reach 95% or more.