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King Top International Compost Sak is a large, non-woven fabric bag that is lightweight yet extremely durable and lasts for years. This rugged fabric is completely porous, containing an enormous number of micro-pores that allow for constant air circulation and excess water to drain.

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Compost Sak


1. The Description of Compost Sak

King Top International Compost Sak is a large, non-woven fabric bag that is lightweight yet extremely durable and lasts for years. This rugged fabric is completely porous, containing an enormous number of micro-pores that allow for constant air circulation and excess water to drain. The Fitted Cover is a flexible plastic top, designed to increase heat and help manage moisture in the mix, thereby accelerating the composting process. The compost sak is an affordable, convenient and efficient way of recycling kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich, beneficial garden compost. Set-up is a breeze with the Compost Sak! Simply set it up and begin filling it with your yard waste and kitchen scraps. Large opening - easy to fill with sides that can be folded. 30 inches diameter x 38 inches tall. 100 gallon capacity, yields up to 12 cubic feet of compost. Many of the plastic composters you’ll find in catalogs and garden centers are considerably smaller. 3’x3’ is the minimum recommended size for a compost bin. This allows compost to heat up enough to form compost within a reasonable period of time.

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2. The Benefits of the Compost Sak

There are many benefits to the Compost Sak. It is manageable, affordable and the aeration provides breathability to the compost.

The Compost Sak is easy to use and more manageable compared to other practices of composting. While some may pile up their compost ingredients in a yard and let decompose without being contained, the Compost Sak is user-friendly. Just add ingredients to the sak, mix occasionally and see the mixture turn into nutritious and organic soil.

The Compost Sak is very affordable. Other composters may guarantee good composting, but may be costly. You can also reuse the sak after every compost and is guaranteed to last a year, however you should get many years of use from the Compost Sak.

The Compost Sak is also made out of breathable fabric. This allows oxygen to permeate the compost to speed up the microbial activity. Its lightweight fabric also makes it easy to move and store.

3. What to Compost

Many ingredients can be used for composting, but a brown-green mix is ideal for a rich compost. Brown ingredients provide carbon which can include: grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, hay, tree bark or anything with low moisture that is yellow or brown in color. Green ingredients provide nitrogen, have a high water content, and are green in color. This can include: leftover vegetables or fruit, coffee grounds, left over cheese and yogurt, and even left over food such as pasta and bread.

We suggest two to three parts brown for every one part green. This is just an approximation as the material will change over time. Many users of the Compost Sak add worms to further decompose their material as well. If you find that the compost is too moist, then just add brown ingredients, or if the compost is too dry, add more green ingredients.


4. How to Use the Compost Sak

Using couldn’t be easier. Just open the set it on the ground and start adding your compostable materials. The ideal location is a spot that gets some sun, is close by and unobtrusive. Add two or three “Brown” parts for every one “Green” part. “Brown” material refers to dead or dried material such as leaves or straw while “Green” material refers to kitchen scraps such as banana peels and coffee grids.
Fill the large opening of the Compost Sak with the mixture. The sides of the sak can be easily folded over to close. The process of composting will begin quickly and naturally. You do not need to turn anything “on”. You may want to add various starting agents that are commercially available. The Compost Sak works well with all of these products. But the process of composting will naturally occur without any special additives. You may want to add a little water right at first if your mix is dry. Do not add too much.

When compost starts coming to the top of the Compost Sak, it is ready to use. You may want to shovel the compost into a wheel barrel, as the sak could be heavy. Then you can put the compost into your gardening area or yard.

A good idea is to have two Compost Saks. When you finish composting in one, you can begin composting in another. Just take off the top layer from the first sak to begin the next. You will have plenty of soil for your garden this way.

The key to successful composting is to have a mix of materials that isn’t too wet or too dry- just moist, with enough oxygen to support microscopic life (along with insects and worms, too). Composting is all about providing a livable environment for microbes. These critters, fungi, bacteria and others inhabit the feeding on the organic material buffet, breaking it down into pure compost.

In addition to the right degree of moisture, microbes and other compost life require oxygen to live. The permeable fabric of the Sak allows in plenty of oxygen. To speed up the process the compost can be turned every few days bringing in even more oxygen. Stir the compost with a stick or a small pitchfork.

Some customers add worms to The Sak. The worms should thrive and actually help the compost process. And if you like to fish, you will have a ready supply of bait!

After a short time, when you mix the compost you may notice a heat or smoke rising. This is the chemical process of composting. The smell should be of rich, fresh soil. If the smell is of sour ammonia or if the mix is soggy, add more Brown. If the smell is of dried hay, add more Green. If the mix is too dry, add a little water, but do not over-water.


Aerates Compost

Good aeration is necessary for composting. Without it, you’ll end up with a slimy, stinky mess. Usually, this is accomplished by turning your pile of compost regularly to get oxygen into the center of the pile. While it would still be helpful to turn (or at least stir) the contents of the Compost Sak from time to time, the breathable fabric allows air to more easily penetrate the pile without a lot of extra work. The fabric also allows moisture to both enter and exit the pile, as needed.

Placing the Compost Sak

The Sak doesn’t have a flat bottom and so it’s hard to keep it standing upright, even when it’s full. You may want to place it in a corner where it’s well supported, or use rebar/stakes to keep it in place. Be sure to place it in a location where it will get at least 6 hours of sun each day; compost will develop more quickly in a sunny spot. And don’t plan on moving it when it’s full, so place it in a location where you can leave it for the long term.

Re-use the Compost Sak

After dumping, take the Sak back to your compost area and start filling it again. Many customers have two Saks working at the same time. When Sak one becomes full, fold the fabric over and let it finish cooking for a few extra months, Start using Sak two. Then empty Sak one. Start filling Sak one again while you fold Sak two and let it finish composting.


A few quick tips for successful composting

  • Small materials decompose faster than larger ones.

  • Cut larger limbs and twigs into smaller ones.

  • Shred newspaper and cardboard.

  • Break up stale bread and rolls into smaller pieces.

  • Don’ t layer - a well tossed mix reacts faster.

  • Mixing or turning isn’t necessary. However, to speed the process turn or mix occasionally.

  • Adding some soil and/or commercially available compost activators adds important microbes speeding up the process.


5. Compost Sak vs. Other Products

Not only is the Compost Sak more affordable than other products, its 100 gallon capacity gives plenty of room for composting. The lightweight fabric is durable compared to other composters. The black color also helps the sun to keep the compost warm so there is not too much moisture. The Compost Sak is unique from any other composting device, because the textile fabric is porous and has a large amount of micro-pores that allow air circulation and excess water to drain. Many other compost saks do not aerate as well because they are made of plastic.

With its long lasting material and convenient technology, the Compost Sak provides you with 100% rich and organic soil. These qualities outweigh the performance of other composting practices.


DELIVERY Time: Sample process normally take 5 - 7 workdays, mass order normally take 15-25 days,


1) Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer and our headquarter is in Qingdao Kingtop International.


2) Where is your factory located? 

Our factory locates at Taian City, Shandong Province. You can fly to Jinan International Air Port, and we will pick you up. Welcome to visit us!


3) Can you accept small testing order?

Yeah we can accept, Please feel free to contact us for testing order. 


4) Can you do OEM and ODM?

Sure.  There are technology of Silk printing, Sublimation, Embroidery, Rubber patch, etc. to create the logo. Please send your logo to us, we will suggest the best way. 

For ODM, we have experienced designers can help you to get your excellent ideas into mass production for your market. 


5) What is the sample rule?

For stock item, you just need to pay the freight cost, but for ordered item, you need to pay the related process cost and freight cost. Ordered sample's lead time is 5-7days after payment. Sample charge will be refunded on identified quantity of mass orders.


6) What's the payment term?

30% in advance, 70% balance after B/L.


7) How many payment options can I have?

T/T, L/C at sight.


8) Can you arrange logistic service for me?

Yes, we have our logistic company and we sign agreements with shipping company. We can let you enjoy the best Dr to Dr service.


9) Why choose KingTop?

KingTop can ensure to provide the products with high quality and reasonable price to you. Quality assurance and excellent customer service support will make sure you don't worry about after sale service during your business work in your market.

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