About Us

King Top International is committed to creating value on a long-term basis by working with our customers, partners and local communities toward shared goals. Meanwhile, in support of corporate development, we will continue investing in our industrial assets to strengthen and improve our expertise and technology in the growing construction, geo, agro, landscape material markets

King Top International was established in China under a state-owned construction company. Nevertheless, with foresight and prudent decision-making on strategy, King Top International continues extending and its business lines along the construction chain.

Our 1,000 employees make up a versatile professional team providing one-stop services. Good global supply chain and efficiency allows the company to keep its pricing as low as possible.


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We have the most high-efficiency development team.

We have the most responsive sales and service team.

We have the most advanced technology and equipments.

We have the most loyal global customer and collaborator.

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